Daughter’s of EveRead Description

In this new body of work, the intriguing story of Eve stirred my imagination. As an example of female energy, Eve is cast as a temptress and seducer. Her actions resulted in the irrevocable loss of paradise and initiated feelings of shame and guilt. In my musing, questions presented themselves. The first was - does this ancient tale have relevance in today's culture? This idea excited me and my body of work began to develop. 

As I continued in my artistic expression, the series was generating many more questions than it answered. Who or what are the serpents in our lives today? Could it be the media as they promote an unattainable female image and then dangle the shiny objects they want us to purchase to achieve that ideal? Could you buy your way back to paradise? Could we use Eve as a way to examine and understand ourselves today as women? Perhaps her story has become part of a cultural inclination to "civilize" women into rigid roles. Have we lost our wild womanliness - become over-domesticated and in the process missed the life-giving message of our own souls? Do we need to ask ourselves the dual question, “Has paradise always been inside of us and what have we done with the garden we were given?” 

My work on the images taps into a continuous flow of possibilities. Each photograph enlarges my vision- both internal and external. While the portraits are of different women, each one becomes a mirror reflecting back a lesson for personal growth. Although I still do not have the answers to my questions, I sense both the magic and medicine inherent in Eve’s story.

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